Autodesk University – Advice for Attendees

A few quick tips I wish I’d known before attending my first Autodesk University (in no particular order):

1)  Wear comfortable shoes!!!  You cannot believe how much walking you’ll do.

2)  Hydrate, Hydrate and then hydrate some more.  Water, that is – take it easy at the AUGI Beer Bash 😉 .  While we’re on the subject, be sure to bring gum, lip balm, skin lotion and saline nasal spray.  Las Vegas’ desert climate can dessicate the living.  You don’t want to get caught having to pay Casino gift store prices for Chapstick (how much DID they charge you, Jamie?).

3)  Plan your routes in advance.  If you arrive early enough, trace your steps to your classes so, come Tuesday morning, you won’t be completely lost.

4)  Even if you’re introverted by nature (again, speaking from experience), open up to your fellow attendees.  Be the one to say the first; “Hello”.  Autodesk University provides a great opportunity to network with your peers.  Don’t be a wallflower…just for this one week.

5)  Take notes.  If possible, do a “brain dump” or “post mortem” with an associate following your sessions.  That will help reinforce the new material.

6)  Pace yourself.

7)  Keep an open mind.  Let the skeptic in you take a break for the week.  Be receptive to new concepts.  Even the ones that seem like Science Fiction.

Gotta run.  See you at AU2010!  Let’s compare notes in a week and a half or so.

About Dave Pluke

Dave Pluke served as "the man behind the curtain" (Principal and VP of Technology) of a successful Structural Engineering firm for over 2 decades. Overseeing the transition from two, stand-alone 80286 Personal Computers, through Computer Aided Drafting (CAD) and Design to a fully networked, Building Information Modeling (BIM) integrated environment has provided plenty of "life lessons" (sounds better than "battle scars", doesn't it?). This blog's purpose is to share those experiences and apply lessons learned to better assist meeting the challenges of the future.
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