Removing “BIMpediments” (remember, you heard it here first!)

BIMpediment - a word to add, an item to remove

BIMpediment – a word to add, an item to remove

Trademark & Copyright 2012 by Dave Pluke, all rights reserved – send royalties directly to one of my Swiss Bank Accounts!

Permit me to submit the following addition to our A/E/C vocabulary:

BIM·ped·i·ment / BIMˈpedəmənt/

  1.    A hindrance or obstruction to the fulfillment of the promise of BIM: “a BIMpediment to progress”.

This expression popped into my head as I was driving to a Cincinnati BIM User Group meeting last week. At the meeting, I facilitated a roundtable discussion dedicated to uncovering – in the Group’s words – things that “screw up the process”.

At Autodesk University 2012, I’ll be facilitating a roundtable with a slightly more politically-correct title of “You want to change WHAT? A Discussion of Critical Path Decisions in the BIM Workflow” (session AB3466-R – AU2012 registration opens soon!).

Each such discussion raises unique items as well as some universal themes.

One thing that became obvious after presenting ACEC BIM Workshops across the nation is that BIM adoption varies – sometimes, dramatically – by region. Certain regions have embraced BIM, others haven’t felt the urgency to change their traditional ways. Even in “pro-BIM” regions, some firms/teams excel while others lag behind.

On one hand, it’s easy to get discouraged by all of this. To those of us who have consumed the Kool-Aid™, BIM seems a “no-brainer”. BIM can make us better at our jobs. BIM can make our work product better. I’m not alone in predicting that BIM will soon become the “Standard of Care”, leaving 2D CAD design processes indefensible in Errors and Omissions disputes.

So, what’s to be done?

A wise man once told me; “Never eat anything bigger than your head.”.

In other words, start with bit-sized chunks.

My focus at the moment is to identify and remove BIMpediments that derail the BIM process. It is my firm belief that many occur unintentionally and can be eliminated without great inconvenience.

While I’m gathering information, why don’t you take some time to reflect on any BIMpediment you have encountered and what might have been done to avoid it? If you send me your thoughts, I’ll add it to my list.

Now that we’ve added BIMpediment©™ to our vocabularies, let’s see if we can make it obsolete!



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Dave Pluke served as "the man behind the curtain" (Principal and VP of Technology) of a successful Structural Engineering firm for over 2 decades. Overseeing the transition from two, stand-alone 80286 Personal Computers, through Computer Aided Drafting (CAD) and Design to a fully networked, Building Information Modeling (BIM) integrated environment has provided plenty of "life lessons" (sounds better than "battle scars", doesn't it?). This blog's purpose is to share those experiences and apply lessons learned to better assist meeting the challenges of the future.
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