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Voting - both a right and an obligation in a democracy

Voting – both a right and an obligation in a democracy

Life in “THE” Swing State

In years past, up dere in MeenahSOHta, I’d thought we’d endured some contentious elections.

Those pale in comparison to this year’s Presidential race as it impacts Southwestern Ohio.

Week after week, the Cincinnati TV market has been in the top 10 “spends” of both campaigns and the Super PACs that do their dirty work.

Keeping political preferences out of it, the overall tenor of these ads is simply discouraging. It’s non-stop whiplash between “He said this” and “No he didn’t”; “You’d do this” followed by “Oh, yeah? Well, you’d do THAT” in 30 second doses. The choice is yours; Doom or Gloom!

It’s difficult to believe that these ads are going to do anything for the elusive “undecided voters” other than perpetuate their malaise. Still, the ads just keep on coming.

I never thought I’d long for a local Car Dealership or Roofing Company commercial, complete with their cheesy jingles and obnoxious kids – but, I do. Those of you living in non-battleground States, count your lucky stars (be they red or be they blue).

During these next two weeks, my closest friend will be the “Mute” button.


P.S. Remember to VOTE on (or before) November 6th!

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