Welcome to Frostbite Falls

For the readers who thought I might be exaggerating about Minnesota winters, I post the following photographic evidence:

Remind me again why we live up here?

Today is January 21, 2011 and it's COLD outside!

Two things to note:

1)  There is a minus sign in front of the Outside Temperature (as in, -31F).

2)  The really bad thing is, the indicator in the upper right corner is reporting the battery in the outside sending unit will need replacing soon.  Any volunteers?


About Dave Pluke

Dave Pluke served as "the man behind the curtain" (Principal and VP of Technology) of a successful Structural Engineering firm for over 2 decades. Overseeing the transition from two, stand-alone 80286 Personal Computers, through Computer Aided Drafting (CAD) and Design to a fully networked, Building Information Modeling (BIM) integrated environment has provided plenty of "life lessons" (sounds better than "battle scars", doesn't it?). This blog's purpose is to share those experiences and apply lessons learned to better assist meeting the challenges of the future.
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