It’s only Rock and Roll…

…but I like it!

Reading for fun (note the subject-appropriate bookmark)

I can’t recall how long it’s been since I read a book simply for the pleasure of it.  Plenty of Trade Periodicals, Whitepapers, Guides, Manuals, Web pages, etc. to be consumed.  All work-related stuff.  Until now.

When I saw that Keith Richards’ book “Life” ( ISBN 978-0-316-03441-8 ) was being released in paperback (I’m far too “frugal” to purchase a hard cover edition), I made a note to look for it.  Thanks to one of the “big box retailers”, it’s now being devoured between my other distractions.

A couple of obvious statements first:

Keith has led an amazing life through some very interesting times.  Many with lesser constitutions didn’t survive.

Keith’s written word is much easier to understand than his spoken word.

As someone who has listened to and performed a lot of Rolling Stones’ songs over the years, it’s a treat to read his behind-the-scenes side of so many Rock and Roll Fables.  Oh, to have been a fly on the wall!  And, although I knew the Stones had emulated a lot of R&B artists, I had no idea how serious a student of the genre Keith had been in his early years.  Kinda makes sense now.  As does the “open tuning” he uses on a lot of the Stones’ trademark songs.  Appreciate you letting us 6-stringers in on the secret, pal!

Long story short, I’m truly enjoying this whole reading thing.  If you’ve been barraged by business-related readings lately, I recommend “Life” as a pleasant diversion*.  Especially if you remember the 60’s, 70’s and/or 80’s…as I kinda do.


P.S.  *For adults only.  R-rated content.

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