Cincinnati BIM User Group Meeting – August 2011

Cincinnati BIM User Group

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Cincinnati BIM User Group Meeting – August 2011

The planets finally aligned and I was able to attend last night’s Cincinnati BIM User Group Meeting. Had tried to catch previous ones, but demands back in the Twin Cities interfered. My observations, in no particular order:

I like the independence the Group’s title itself provides. Not being beholden to any particular Vendor results in a wider selection of topics and more open exchange of opinions and ideas. Even though Autodesk Revit is still the 800 pound gorilla in the room for many, there’s little emphasis on “Tips and Tricks”.

Attendees represented a wide spectrum of BIM Participants/Consumers: Design Architects & Engineers, General Contractors, Sub Contractors, Owners, Facilities Managers and Educators. This encouraged a “Big Picture BIM” perspective. Discussions benefitted from the Group’s collective experience.

John Aaron Phillips, of SHP Leading Design, introduced the Group to SHP’s Reverse Phase Scheduling process. The benefits of this exercise were immediately apparent. If every Building Project began with one of these sessions, the Construction World would be a happier place. On an aside, I may buy some shares of 3M (makers of Post-It Notes)…

Andy Burg, of Messer Construction Company (our host for last night’s meeting) led a discussion on Levels of Development/Detail, how current Industry Contracts address them and what remains to be done to make LOD a useful (and an attainable) metric for everyone involved.

It was good to finally put faces to some of the names I’d been conversing with. Although the Group itself is relatively new, the folks behind it are no rookies and it was encouraging to learn of the community’s commitment to BIM (being a recent transplant, and all). Made me glad I declined those last-minute Bengals tickets!

Anyone in the Cincinnati / Northern Kentucky area who would like to participate is encouraged to join the Cincinnati BIM User Group at LinkedIn:

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