Autodesk, the benevolent.

AUVirtual 2011 - Autodesk University for the rest of us

AUVirtual 2011 - Autodesk University for the rest of us

Give Credit where Credit is Due.

Autodesk (publisher of AutoCAD, Inventor, Revit, etc.) deserves kudos for some of their recent moves. Although they have, at times, acted like the 800 pound gorilla they are, Autodesk has been displaying a “kinder, gentler” approach toward their customer base of late.

Two examples:

1) Autodesk has made Educational versions of their software available to Industry workers displaced by the current economy. This is a great benefit to unemployed Architects, Engineers and Designers who want to keep their skills current. It’s a class move – and one I’d hope more publishers would emulate.

2) Autodesk University Virtual Classes are available, free of charge, to AUOnline members. If you have attended an Autodesk University in the past, you know how incredibly exhilarating and beneficial attendance can be. Autodesk has acknowledged that not everyone has the financial support to travel to Las Vegas to attend the full Conference and are making some of the sessions available over the internet. Although nothing can compare to the experience of attending AU in person, AU Virtual is the next best thing.

Registration for AU Virtual Classes opens (tomorrow) November 15, 2011.

This year, offerings have been expanded to over 250 classes, in English, Spanish and Portuguese languages. The Classes themselves will go “live” on November 29 and 30, during AU2011.

I encourage all AU Online members to take advantage of this great opportunity to expand your knowledge of Autodesk’s Industry Leading products.

And, thanks Autodesk!

“See you” at AU Virtual,


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