Farewell to a Friend – Jeff Johnson 1963-2012

The late Jeff Johnson (guitar) and the late Pat Farnand (drums) circa 1990

The late Jeff Johnson (guitar) and the late Pat Farnand (drums) circa 1990

Yep, another music-related post. Forgive me, but I found out this morning that a friend of mine, Jeff Johnson, passed away Sunday:

Jeffrey Todd Johnson

I met Jeff when I was hired on to manage the Combo (guitar, amp & drums) department of a music store where he worked back in the mid 80’s. Even though I was “officially” the manager, it was clear that Jeff was the guy in the know. We never squabbled over control and I, like many, was won over by his charisma, clarity of vision and what seemed to be an acute sense of fair play.

Jeff was beginning to focus more on his band, “Tatters”, which was in the process of evolving into “Another Carnival”. I had recently gotten off the road after a decade of playing cover music, so we had some things in common. I admired Jeff for his courage to play original tunes. It was the more difficult fork in the road as far as immediate livelihood went, but the only one with a potential future. And, I liked the songs he wrote.

Another Carnival had a video played on MTV (back when MTV was actually about music). Fortunately, someone has salvaged the long lost archives and posted them on YouTube (my sincere thanks to sevenlines1987!):


Watching and listening to ‘Still’ brings back good memories.

Another Carnival dissolved in dispute too soon. Somewhere along the line, Jeff took a wrong fork or two and wrestled with his fair share of demons. He wasn’t perfect, but he was a great guy. And, by anyone’s estimation, 48 years isn’t long enough on this planet.

Jeff, your “Unca Dave” will miss you, will think of you fondly and hopes you’re at Peace.

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