Will 13 be lucky…this time?

Get out your lucky charms!

Get out your lucky charms!

“Lucky” 13 … this time?

Disclaimer #1: The following is simply a whimsical musing. Purchasing decisions should NOT be made based upon it.

For those of you who didn’t experience AutoCAD Release 13, perhaps this analogy will help:

AutoCAD Release 13 was to CAD software what Windows Vista was to Operating Systems.

Murphy’s Law reared its ugly head when Release 13 of AutoCAD went live. Whatever could go wrong, did. And, seemingly, at the worst possible moment. System crashes were routine, as was the resultant loss of work. Early adopters soon regretted their decision. At our firm, we held steady on AutoCAD Release 12, not updating until Release 14 was publicly acknowledged as stable.

In short, 13 was NOT their Lucky Number.

All this has me wondering if Autodesk will continue with their current naming convention when it comes time to unleash their next round of products. Will 2013 be a lucky number…this time? Or might they just as well call it “AutoCAD Vista”?

Granted, no logical connections can be drawn between Release 13 and what will probably be called AutoCAD 2013. This is more a quandary for the good folks in Marketing, should any of them have that historic awareness. There is no reason to expect AutoCAD 2013 will have technical issues. But, why chance it?

We wouldn’t want a case of Déjà vu all over again.

What would you recommend Autodesk name their next release?


Disclaimer #2: I’ve been using Autodesk products since version 2.18, back in 1986-ish. Just having some fun with word play, Autodesk. No need to unleash the (legal) hounds!

Disclaimer #3: Did I mention how much I love Autodesk Products (starting to sweat under the collar now)?

Disclaimer #4: Forget I said anything….please!

Disclaimer #5: Ditto, Microsoft 🙂 .

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